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More than meets the eye in pharmacy fight

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Apr 18 2010
It’s not the purpose of the taxpayer-financed Ontario Drug Benefit Plan to act as a come-on to customers who boost Shoppers’ sales volume of Doritos, eyeliner, tobacco (yes, tobacco!) and other “front of store” items. These high-margin goods account for more than 51 per cent of sales at Shoppers, accurately described in a recent Toronto Life profile as “Canada’s new general store.”

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Five bright ideas to save the Liberal party

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Apr 02 2010
Human capital is our only significant resource… Common sense dictates that under-investment in our people is a drag on our economy, diverting public funds to welfare payouts and the criminal-justice system. It impedes our progress in nurturing the creativity by which wealth is created, with our inability to tap the latent strengths of so many Canadians in distress whom we casually neglect… It’s time to define ourselves by what we do, becoming home to the world’s most prosperous aboriginal population, the world’s best-run health-care system, the go-to nation for learning how to use social justice as a test for all we do.

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Innovation out of our hands in a branch-plant economy

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Mar 23 2010
If it feels at times that we’re living in someone else’s country, in some degree we are. With one of the least domestically owned economies among our industrial peers, it’s long past time we confronted the implications of foreign ownership on our lack of control over productivity, on which our prosperity very much depends.

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