Ruling ignores harsh reality

Posted on June 3, 2008 in Health Debates – comment/letters – Ruling ignores harsh reality
June 03, 2008

Re:Science vs. politics – Editorial, June 1

The politically correct, including many “progressive” civic and provincial politicians, are rallying to condemn the federal government for appealing a B.C. Supreme Court decision that renders drug addiction a Charter right by declaring the Insite shooting gallery in Vancouver a “medical service.”

Let us not forget that this decision was nothing more than the interpretation of the Charter by one man, Justice Ian Pitfield, a political appointee who, like all of us, has his own personal, social and political biases. His decision renders invalid not only the decisions of our duly elected MPs, but the values of the vast majority of Canadians. For example, a local radio poll on May 25 asked if the operation of Insite should be extended. Eighty per cent of respondents said no.

The “science” can be argued convincingly by either side, but human nature decrees – and the streets of Vancouver and Victoria demonstrate – that condoning and actively supporting anti-social behaviour will only result in an increase in that anti-social behaviour.

Randy O’Donnell, Nanaimo, B.C.

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