Reward firms that create full-time jobs

Posted on October 16, 2009 in Debates – Opinion/Letter – Reward firms that create full-time jobs
Published On Thu Oct 15 2009

With a half million more unemployed in Canada since the beginning of 2009, it’s time government took an interest in creating legislation that encourages, supports and rewards companies for employing Canadians in full-time positions and penalizes those that don’t, no matter where they are headquartered.

For example, companies off-shoring jobs or seeking out only foreign suppliers should not be eligible to bid on municipal, provincial or federal contracts. Likewise, tax breaks, grants, forgivable loans and other forms of business support should be contingent on hiring Canadians working in Canada – full time.

Employers today would rather hire three part-timers than one full-time employee to avoid paying benefits or create any obligation to the employee. The result is that part-time workers cannot secure a living wage without multiple jobs and all the travelling and family disruption this entails.

They also generally have few or no benefits, little security and virtually no access to credit. The toll this takes on families trying to raise children has been well documented by government and NGO organizations, but with little action from government to rectify it.

Treating these issues with benign neglect and failing to take concrete action at all levels of government is nothing short of negligent on the part of those we elect.

J. Richard Wright, Niagara-on-the-Lake

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