Private member’s bill wrong [shifting responsibility for children’s mental health]

Posted on October 10, 2010 in Child & Family Delivery System, Health Delivery System

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Published On Sun Oct 10 2010.   Janis Jaffe-White, Toronto Family Network

The families served by the Toronto Family Network are extremely concerned. Once again, children with developmental disabilities and autism, thought to have mental health challenges, could end up under the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, placing them at risk of confinement in psychiatric facilities and nursing homes with the subsequent medicalization of their conditions and possible overmedication, use of aversives, etc.

This government knows that advocates in the developmental services system lobbied for their removal from Health in the 1970s and to be kept under the Ministry of Community and Social Services for exactly this reason. Let’s not forget the harmful “hospital schools” and “asylums” where children were placed under the Health ministry.

Former health minister David Caplan’s private member’s bill will only move the province backwards in time.

Janis Jaffe-White, Coordinator,
Toronto Family Network

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