Low-income ‘streaming’ in Ontario high schools alive and well

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TheStar.com – news/gta – Low-income high school students are likelier to be in “applied” courses, according to a People for Education study. This has implications for their futures.
Apr 29 2013. By: Kristin Rushowy, Education Reporter

Ontario may have officially done away with “streaming” in high schools well over a decade ago but in reality the controversial practice continues — and with the same troubling patterns: teens from low-income homes make up the bulk of those taking non-academic credits, a study by People for Education has found.

The numbers show the lower the average family income at a particular secondary school, the higher the percentage of students taking “applied” math.

In schools where the average family income is $60,000, more than half of students are enrolled in applied math. In schools where families earn an average of $110,000 a year, fewer than 10 per cent of students take that course.

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