In the stay-at-home era, why have we so sorely neglected home care?

Posted on June 16, 2020 in Child & Family Policy Context

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June 15, 2020.   Andr


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One Response to “In the stay-at-home era, why have we so sorely neglected home care?”

  1. Dr. Janice Lessard says:

    Dear Mr. Picard,

    You nailed it! We don’t need these multi-storied warehouses designed not for living in, but for dying in. And profiteering by it is short-sighted and immoral. Families don’t feel good about putting their mom or dad “in a home”. There was no choice; there are very few options.
    And wasting more public monies to retrofit these buildings and other proposed improvements is just like trying to put lipstick on a pig. We don’t need or want a pig. Furthermore, the plan by the Ontario government to build 30,000 more “beds” on top of the existing 78,000 “beds” is just more graft being spread around.

    It would seem there is also a plan afoot in Bill 175 to shift home care services to the same profiteers that run most of our LTC Facilities. There is a solution here too; As in other countries, individuals should be assessed for type of disability and severity and awarded pension amounts accordingly. That person can buy their own supports, as individuals. (Italy found that most money is spent on neighbours, friends and family with little on commercial services.)

    Lastly, how did we get in such an inhumane mess? In part, we believed our governments would look after us, like lambs to the slaughter. In part, we believe that older people have had their fair share of innings and now they don’t deserve more. And so we deprive them of age-appropriate health care services regardless of setting, be it outpatient, hospital, or home.. (Only 300 Geriatricians in the entire country and no specialties of geriatric cardiology, orthopaedics,geriatric neurology etc etc.). The term is ageism. And that is why we are allowing to kill so many older people each and every day in Ontario. Is it a surprise to anyone that Canada refuses to sign the UN Declaration of Rights of older persons? Is it a surprise that the media did not bother to mention that June 15th was the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day?


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