Enrolment boom has universities looking at cuts

Posted on April 17, 2008 in Education Debates, Inclusion Debates

TheStar.com – Ontario – Enrolment boom has universities looking at cuts
April 16, 2008

Ontario universities say skyrocketing enrolment is forcing many of them to look at cutting courses and not replacing retiring faculty.

Paul Genest, with the Council of Ontario Universities, says the increase in student enrolment has exceeded expectations.

Genest says the province has helped universities meet their capital needs but they still need help on the operating side.

McMaster University president Peter George says it means there will likely be fewer professors teaching in classrooms that are overflowing.

He says the budget crunch means the university will have to cut back on short-term contracts, and retiring faculty won’t be replaced.

The union representing professors says it’s time for the Liberal government to reassess its long-term post-secondary plan.

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