Bill 148 (The Fair Workplaces Better Jobs Act 2017)

Posted on July 11, 2017 in Policy Context – mailserve
July 11, 2017.

Dear Friends,

Please click here for ISARC’s formal Submission on Bill 148 (The Fair Workplaces Better Jobs Act 2017) for the Finance and Economic Affairs Committee of the Ontario Legislature. We encourage you and/or your organization to use/copy/plagiarize it in whole or in part when preparing your own submissions to the Legislative Committee.

The Government needs to hear that the improvements to workers rights are widely supported in the community. We urge you to make a submission to the Committee supporting in principle Bill 148 while seeking further enhancements.

As a reminder, anyone who has not requested to make an oral deputation or whose request to make an oral deputation has not been granted can still make a written submission by emailing it to the Committee Clerk by the 5:30 PM deadline to The attached document is there to help you make the submission!

Once you have made your submission to the Committee please email a copy to ISARC at


Program Coordinator

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