Liberals have to create a new political centre

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

May 14 2011
… progressives need a vision that not only safeguards citizens against the extremes of a globalizing market, but also meets the rising expectations Canadians have of services in the 21st century — all this in a manner that will be sustainable given 21st century budgets and demographics… The future for progressives rests in figuring out the political axes of the 21st century around which new solutions can be mined and new coalitions built… open vs. closed systems; evidence-based policy vs. ideology; meritocratic governance vs. patronage; open and fair markets vs. isolationism; sustainability vs. disposability, and emergent networks vs. hierarchies.

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If you won’t tell us about our MPs, we’ll do it for you

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Apr. 13, 2010
Yesterday with little fanfare Michael Mulley, an ordinary Canadian with a passion for democracy, launched openparliament.ca, a website that enables you to search Hansard to see what MPs say in the House, peruse and search bills, look up press stories about any given MP and explore voting records. Suddenly, the entire debating history of Parliament is online, accessible and indexed. Any citizen can find out who said what and when.

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