What mirrors tell us [social violence]

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22 July 2012.   Shahina Siddiqui, President, Islamic Social Services Association, Winnipeg

In my 20 years experience working with families, I have seen a steady decline in family cohesiveness, and in societal response to it.

Obviously there are many single mothers who are doing an excellent job raising good children, and there are many poor families that have raised excellent citizens.

The rising number of suicides on our reserves or the escalating violence in our cities are but symptoms of a society breaking under the burden of consumerism, selfishness, glorification of violence in pop culture/media, and disintegrating ethical and spiritual values.

We are surely witnessing a decline in inner contentment, communal responsibility and value of human dignity and life. There is no simple answer and no one cause. The reversal of this trend requires the coming together of all Canadians for a singular purpose – to purge violence from our home, our communities and our society. This should be our priority. Anything less is useless.

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