Time to act on poverty [ODSP]

TheStar.com – Opinion/Readers’ Letters – Re. Time to act on poverty , editorial, Nov. 5
Nov. 5, 2017.   Alison Griffiths, Burlington

Missing in the endless discussion on improving the wretched state of disability and welfare benefits in Ontario is an end to the existing clawback. Currently, for every dollar earned over $200 a month while on Ontario Disability Supports (ODSP) there is a reduction in benefits by 50 per cent. Instead, why not allow ODSP recipients to earn up to the agreed-on poverty income level before the reduction begins? This will cost the government nothing, provides a huge incentive to work and will raise the standard of living for those currently receiving the government pittance. Such a policy would also remove an enormous burden placed on families who often are required to support children, parents or siblings with disabilities living far below the poverty line. Best of all, the change would put money into local businesses as low-income earners usually spend everything they bring in.


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