The have-nots always suffer – opinion/letters – Re: Back to black, Feb. 16
Published On Sat Feb 18 2012.   Rick Lockman

Why must the poor, the young, the old always suffer while the rich never do? While the Drummond report has some good ideas, the well-to-do remain, as usual, untouched. Not even asked to do without luxuries, perks and tax breaks all subsidized by taxpayers who cannot even afford to make their own ends meet.

Where is leadership by example? As long as those in power continue to focus on policies that spare the “haves” at the expense of the “have-nots,” Canada will continue hurtling toward Third World country status. We are a lot closer than many would care to admit. Except those in positions of power, of course. They use it only to take good care of themselves.

Rick Lockman, Orillia

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