The Forgotten Fundamentals

The Caledon Institute of Social Policy – ANNOUNCEMENTS – The Forgotten Fundamentals
December 01, 2008. Ken Battle, Sherri Torjman and Michael Mendelson, December 2008

Strong social programs can play a vital part in an economic stimulus package. Ottawa has at its disposal several effective social programs that can play an important part in an economic stimulus package to combat the recession. Boosting three geared-to-income programs – the Canada Child Tax Benefit, refundable GST credit and Working Income Tax Benefit – would put additional money into the hands of lower-income households who are most likely to spend it immediately. Employment Insurance, which now serves only four in ten unemployed Canadians, must be restored and strengthened. Ottawa should also bolster its transfers to the hardest hit provinces and territories so that they do not bear the full burden of social assistance and other recession-linked cost increases.
ISBN – 1-55382-325-7
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