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December 07, 2007

The treadmill of poverty – Dec. 6

This letter is to congratulate you on such in-depth reporting on poverty.

I have been in an accounting practice for the last 17 years in a low socio-economic area and have been seeing all of this on a regular basis. It is indeed a shame that a country that has declared a surplus of more than $9 billion for the first half of the fiscal year is so insensitive to its people in such great need.

Most of the clients I meet who are on social benefits or minimum wages are socially responsible, self-respecting people who have been stuck in this pit of despair from which they can never climb out. At times their situation is so desperate that I cannot even charge them for my services.

I just want to know, who are the people responsible for making these cruel and insensitive policies? The think-tanks should come out of their respective Utopias to the street level before they make policy decisions.

Najma Qayyum, Mississauga

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