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April 6, 2012.   By Dwight Duncan, Ottawa Citizen

The McGuinty government believes that protecting social services is smart public policy.

We are continuing to take strong action to help children and their families achieve their full potential. The Harris-Hudak government cut social assistance rates by 22 per cent – we are holding the line on social assistance rates, not cutting them back. That government also left the minimum wage frozen for eight years and increased the hardships of those most in need of help. Our investments have removed 20,000 children from poverty. The income tax cuts we introduced in 2009 mean 90,000 low-income people pay no income taxes at all.

We are committed to increasing the Ontario Child Benefit to $1,310, although on a slower schedule than we would have liked.

The choices we are making are fair, balanced and reasonable. Our government has presented a strong plan to strengthen the economy and protect the gains we have all made in education and health care.

Dwight Duncan, Windsor Minister of Finance

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