• Nurses announce support of proposed tax changes that have doctors fuming

    “Nurses have told us that they believe people should pay their fair share, and the principle of paying people well for what they do is always the foundation. If you have advanced education, you’re in a job where you need a lot of skills and knowledge, you should be paid well for that. But you should also be taxed fairly for that, because income is income.”

  • Why the Liberals’ proposed tax changes are taking a pounding

    The changes do not target small business, or doctors, as such: only those who turn themselves into corporations… It is that they pay so much less in tax than other small businesses, and other doctors, of equivalent income: the ones who did not incorporate. The former pay less tax than the latter, not because they work harder, or take more risks, but solely because they are incorporated.

  • The Liberals can and should win this fight against the rich

    Since high earners have the means and the incentive to make use of tax planning strategies to shelter income from taxation, higher tax rates typically result in lower amounts of reported taxable income. Tax revenues may increase, but not appreciably… the Liberals raised the top personal income tax rate, many top earners were able to manoeuvre around it, and now the Liberals want to make it harder to shelter income from the top rate.

  • I stopped talking to white people about race. Here’s what I learned

    Pointing out the differences between us is not the problem. The problem is the power that lies behind those differences, and how the status quo has relied on marginalization. To be responsible citizens we must reckon with this. It’s not just about the newspapers you read or the campaigns you donate to. It’s about your actions. Bringing down these walls means a fundamental restructuring of the society we live in. It means disrupting comfort, including your own.

  • Five characteristics that impact an individual’s upward mobility.

    Prof. Chetty and his team were able to determine that the critical driver of these differences is childhood environment. The team came up with five characteristics of mobility differences between areas… Segregation vs. Integration… Income Inequality… Single-Parent Homes… Social Capital… [and] Quality Public Schools

  • Income vs. Wealth Inequality

    … over the last 30 years, the bottom 90 per cent of families saved zero, on average, while top wealth holders have been able to save more and more. The result: A huge increase in wealth inequality that, unfortunately, is likely to persist — short of adopting more drastic policies aimed at curbing the wealth at the top and encouraging wealth accumulation at the bottom.

  • Justin Trudeau defiant on proposed small-business tax changes

    … potential changes under scrutiny include ending a practice that allows business owners to lower their tax rate by sprinkling income to family members in lower brackets, even if those relatives are not active in the business.
    Another proposal calls for limits on the use of private corporations as a way to gain tax advantages when making passive investments in things like stocks or real estate. The third change would limit the conversion of a corporation’s regular income into capital gains that are typically taxed at a lower rate.

  • Looking to move beyond the Indian Act, can Canada shed its ‘colonial structures?’

    “It looks like they’re using the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples as a blueprint to move forward, with the cabinet committee on decolonizing Canada’s laws and now this bifurcation of the ministry… But nothing else fundamentally has changed at this point.” … “Getting out of the Indian Act is desirable, but if what replaces it is basically the same thing in a de facto sense, with these little communities with little access to land and resources, then what’s the point?”

  • Reflecting on the legacy of Sir John A. Macdonald

    Changing school names is not going to help Indigenous Canadians in any meaningful way. If the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) wanted to do something meaningful, it should tell all MPs: “We want clean water on all reserves to be a national priority of the federal government… This is feel-good faux activism designed to make the members of the ETFO look like progressives without actually using their considerable political muscle to effect real and meaningful change.

  • Saddened by Sir John stance

    In his day, Macdonald was a moderate and liberal-minded man who had excellent relations with the Indians of Eastern Canada… Macdonald sponsored a bill to give the vote to Eastern Canadian aboriginal men despite widespread opposition from the public and the Liberals. The bill passed but was rescinded… Macdonald also introduced a bill – never passed – to give women the vote, an idea that was decades before its time.