Oil addiction: Our future at stake

TheStar.com – Opinion/Letters – Re: As U.S. awakens, Canada hits snooze on oil addiction, July 18
Published On Mon Jul 19 2010.   Gary Dale

The basics of public relations go back to Hitler’s ‘big lie.” That’s why we see ads touting oil companies’ concern for the environment. Repeated often enough, some people will accept them.

We also see attacks on the supposed massive environmental lobby that allegedly conspires with climatologists to convince the world that fossil fuels are causing climate change. And again some people believe them.

How often do we read about the impact tar sands development is having on Canada’s manufacturing? Yet when oil prices reach the point that tar sands development becomes the major player in our national economy, it raises Canada’s dollar. This leaves our manufacturing unable to compete, so we lose hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs.

Yet our governments do nothing about it because of the enormous influence the fossil fuel lobby commands. We can’t even get them to keep up with the green energy initiatives our major trading partners have already implemented.

The world is slowly turning away from fossil fuels at the same time that Canada is pegging its future to their continued use. This myopia is going to leave us with neither manufacturing nor sellable resources. Even our water is being poisoned.

It’s not just the environment that is on the line, but Canada’s future as a developed nation. Big oil doesn’t care but we should.

Gary Dale, West Hill

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