Make minimum wage a living wage – opinion/Readers’ Letters – Re: Businesses wrestling with wages, Business Sept. 12
Sep 15 2013.   Steve McCullough

Businesses wrestling with wages, Business Sept. 12

Of course they’re wrestling with wages. They want to pay the least amount they can. This is not and should not be their decision. We’re not talking about hiring a middle-management person with base salary, commissions, car allowance, profit-sharing and benefits. We’re talking about bottom feeders like myself who can’t find anything else and have to work several jobs (I have four) to make ends meet. Sure, tie minimum wage to inflation, but make it a living wage of $14 hour to start. If it was raised to $14 an hour, you would also end of a lot of poverty and food bank usage in this province that politicians keep barking about.

Steve McCullough, Dunsford

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