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July 20, 2010.   By Sara Joy David, Beverley A. Star, Times Colonist

We are appalled at the Harper government’s decision to spend billions of dollars on military jets. This, together with the decision to spend a billion dollars to turn Toronto into a police state during the recent G8/G20 summit, are wake-up calls to all decent Canadians to speak up for a change in priorities in these economic hard times.

Women, children, and senior (seasoned) citizens are increasingly vulnerable as a result of cuts to social programs. The homeless and people with mental-health challenges are at risk for their very lives because of the do-nothing or do-too-little measures taken on their behalf.

The voices of Stephen Harper and Gordon Campbell determine policy and shut down the voices of even the majority of the population. Thus the HST went into effect, police brutality in Toronto won out over peaceful protest and now the military gets more war toys at the expense of health care and social programs.

It is time to pump up the volume of the voices of dissent.

Sara Joy David

Beverley A. Star


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  1. All too true. Well said

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