Improving CPP is win-win for all – WindsorStar/news/editorial
Published: Wednesday, January 26, 2011.   John Gerassimou, Windsor Star

I read how the Canada Pension Plan wasn’t meant to lift seniors out of poverty like the Canadian Labour Council suggests, and that the fees went against the idea because three provinces were against it, even though they themselves along with six other provinces were in favour going into the CPP meetings in Alberta.

Not only does the CPP cover most Canadians, it does it more cost-efficiently than any private for-profit that puts your pension at risk. A real government would see the proposal to improve the CPP as win-win.

The public wins with a livable pension above the poverty level. The government wins threefold out of the risky business of subsidizing private insurance that doesn’t deliver, save money on subsidies, save money on welfare and finally, the savings on medical costs to seniors.

Imagine eliminating poverty for seniors. Why not?

John Gerassimou, LaSalle

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