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Posted: January 30, 2010.   Tom Blackwell

In today’s Post Tom Blackwell writes on how monetary incentives are changing the face of health care in Canada.  Here are some of the incentives provided to Doctors by Province:

  • $40 bonus for each diabetic patient managed according to diabetes-care guidelines (Nova Scotia).
  • $2,000 for continuing education on adopting electronic health records (Nova Scotia).
  • 25% premium for treating patients evenings or weekends (Nova Scotia).
  • $500 bonus per year for signing up 15-49 patients on provincial diabetes registry, additional $500 for 50 or more (Ontario).
  • $350 bonus for attaching a vulnerable/complex patient to practice (Ontario).
  • $350 for taking on to practice an unattached mother within two weeks of birth, and also caring for newborn (Ontario).
  • $2,000 annual bonus for making at least 24 house calls to six or more patients (Ontario).
  • $5,000 annual bonus for delivering babies for five or more patients (Ontario).
  • $2,000 bonus for providing palliative care to four or more patients (Ontario).
  • $125 incentive for each diabetes or congestive-heart-failure patient managed according to guidelines (B.C.).
  • $2,100 bonus per quarter for GPs who are part of network of doctors available to do deliveries (B.C.)
  • $258 bonus for each baby delivered by a GP (B.C.)
  • $315 for management of patients with two or more serious chronic illnesses (B.C.)
  • $100 for completing cardiovascular risk assessment of patient (B.C.)
  • $100 for developing care plan for mentally ill patients (B.C.)

Compiled by Tom Blackwell, National Post

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