Fight call for more prisons – Opinion/Letters – Re: “Day lambasted over call for new prisons; Data claims by minister don’t add up, StatsCan says,” The Journal, Aug. 4.
August 8, 2010.   Rob Wakarchuk, Edmonton

Treasury Board president Stockwell Day actively seeks to warp reality to fit into his own ideologically dogmatic, credulous view of the world.

Fact: There has been a 17-per-cent drop in the number of crimes reported in Canada since 1999.

The 2004 Statistics Canada crime survey found a two-per-cent increase in the number of crimes not reported to police.

This increase in non-reported crime is attributed to vandalism and theft, according to the survey.

Violent crime, according to the survey, remained at the same level. We need less tough on crime ratbaggery and more policy consistent with reality from the Conservative government.

Day, how about tackling important under-reported crime?

Consider offences that are consistently under-reported in our society. Start with rape, domestic violence and child abuse.

Spend our tax dollars on programs that can help women and children get out of abusive situations and extend to them the social services and the protection of the law they deserve.

The hogwash Day is peddling is not grounded in factual reality, however it has the benefit of sounding good to conservative-value voters.

This particular justification for building more prisons so we can get tough on crime is Grade A horse manure that reasonable people should be able to smell from a mile away.

Canadians need to do the right thing and stop this legislative proposal from ever seeing the light of day.

Rob Wakarchuk, Edmonton

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