Family income in Canada flatlined in 2008 – News – The average after-tax income for Canadian families remained ‘virtually unchanged’ in 2008
Thursday, Jun. 17, 2010.   Canwest News Service

OTTAWA — Following four years of growth, the average after-tax income for Canadian families remained “virtually unchanged” in 2008 from the previous year — just as a global recession was starting.

Statistics Canada reported Thursday that the median, post-tax income — after adjusting for inflation — in 2008 was $63,900.

Post-tax income for single individuals also remained constant in that year, at $24,900, marking the first time in three years where there was no significant change.

Meanwhile, at the provincial level, family incomes rose in Saskatchewan and British Columbia — both noting a rise of 5.7%. But Alberta families were the strongest breadwinners, bringing in $77,200 annually in 2008.

For singles, the greatest increases were in Alberta and Manitoba, recording income increases of 13% and 12%, respectively. That statistic remained virtually unchanged elsewhere.

The federal agency also noted there were three million low-income Canadians in 2008 — no more or less than in 2007 — representing 9.4% of the population.

Canwest News Service

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