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April 15, 2010
We have three new items to share with you.
A new CCPA report by pension expert Monica Townson argues that expanding the Canada Pension Plan is the most effective way to address Canada’s pension difficulties. Options for Pension Reform: Expanding the Canada Pension Plan also provides an anlysis of options on how to plan that expansion.
Click here to read the full report.
This week the CCPA also released a report by two prominent economists who warn of the ongoing the inherent instability of financial markets.  The Global Financial Meltdown: Can We Avoid Another Minsky Moment?, by Doug Peters, former Secretary of State (Finance) and former TD Bank Chief Economist, and economic consultant Arthur Donner, analyzes the recent meltdown in U.S. and European financial markets and finds it was a classic “Minsky moment”—a term named after economist Hyman Minsky to describe a moment of financial frenzy.
According to the report, it’s now necessary to rethink the regulatory environment that allowed the Minsky moment to occur in the first place. Click here to read the full report.

Finally, don’t miss CCPA senior economist Armine Yalnizyan’s commentary on Canada’s precarious recovery from the recession. In The Temporary Recovery, Armine writes that we should forget about total employment numbers, because it’s the type of jobs coming back that count.

Click here to read it.
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