Hot! Disparaging Senator Eggleton is dirty pool – Opinion/Letters – Is the Senator really one of us? (Feb. 19)
Feb. 22, 2014.   Richard Ring

Surely D. Fanson’s ire is misdirected, when suggesting that Senator Art Eggleton give up one of his pensions to make life a little easier for one of “us.”

Senator Eggleton has served Canadians well for over 40 years, as a former cabinet minister, as Mayor of Toronto and lately as a caring Senator. He acted as chairman of an extensive, two-year study: In From the Margins — A Call to Action On Poverty, Housing and Homelessness, released in 2009. It was cochaired by recently retired Conservative Senator Hugh Segal.

Together with the other committee members they came up with 76 recommendations for improvements.

Both have and continue to champion a guaranteed annual income, showing that, in the long run, such a plan will save Canada money.

Not a single recommendation was implemented by our government, which instead came up with a 15 page summary of existing programs, basically stating that all was under control.

I would suggest that the writer direct any complaints to our prime minister, who was described by a committee member as having absolutely no interest in breaking the poverty cycle in Canada.

These two senators and others on that committee, tried to effect change for needy Canadians. To imply that Senator Eggleton is really not one of “us” is most disingenuous.

Richard Ring, Grimsby

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