Daycare system is failing families – comment/letter – Daycare system is failing families
June 16, 2008

Re:Labour congress gives Ontario `D’ in child care – June 14

Ontario Children and Youth Services Minister Deb Matthews must be completely out of touch with the daycare crisis. When I was only four months’ pregnant, I put my child on the waiting lists of four licensed infant daycare centres in Toronto’s east end. By the time my daughter turned 11 months in April and I was looking to return to work, only one daycare centre I registered with 16 months before had a spot for me.

I laugh when people ask, “Did you find a good daycare centre for your child?” The fact is that parents I know, especially those of infants, don’t have the luxury of finding a good daycare spot.

I agree with Matthews that a “D” grade from the Canadian Labour Congress was “unfair.” It should have been an “F.”

Elizabeth Dove, Toronto

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