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Published On Mon Feb 28 2011.  Robert Hope

I don’t think I can afford the Harper government anymore. I can’t afford another G20 glut fest and I can’t afford to pay for all the F-35 fighter jets, which we will never use. I can’t afford all the extra prisons that he wants to build. I can’t afford to feed all the prisoners whose parole he denies.

I also can’t afford the extra police we will need to arrest all the potential new prisoners he wants to generate. I can’t afford to have more of our children locked up with mandatory jail sentences for growing some marijuana plants. I also can’t afford the additional tax breaks now given to corporations, forcing me to carry the burden for all of the above.

At least the Liberals knew how to balance a budget. I think it’s time to get the corporate fat cats out of office while I still have some money left.

Robert Hope, Owen Sound

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